Audio Advertising

Your new ‘How we Express Ourselves’ unit focuses on:

Understanding advertising helps us to make informed choices.

During ICT, you will create a radio ad for your product using Audacity and the royalty free music from the Media drive on the school server. Sound effects may also be downloaded from websites I will direct you to. You will learn how to:

  • Insert sound clips, and background music
  • Save audio clips from websites
  • Create an audio voice over to ‘sell’ product.
  • Export final radio ad so it can be played elsewhere.

Your ads will be assessed using a rubric on the following categories:
* audio
* dialogue
* time management
* persuasion

You will need to use your knowledge of advertising techniques to create a suitably persuasive advertisement. Once you have a plan, you will need to record your voiceover using Audacity.

The next step is selecting audio clips to build your advertisement with. You may use clips from:

The media drive (my computer -> media drive -> royalty free music -> sounzabout volume 3 -> disc 3).



Below is a screencast on how to download sound effects from the Partners in Rhyme website.

Below is a screencast on how to get started using Audacity:

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